21 March 2018

Nowadays to find quality equipment for stone processingis not so difficult, despite the complexity of its manufacturing and great price. But to understand the differences between manufacturers and individual modelsis necessary in order to acquire exactly what you need to solve existing technical tasks.

Today we will consider three variants of stone machines:

Each of the presented machines can process a stone, in both two-dimensional and in three-dimensional space. All of them are suitable for processing both natural and artificial stone. But technically there are certain differences between them https://polska-ed.com/kupic-generic-viagra/.


Centre of stone industry

The MAXIMA 5014 system is a stone processing centre that has 5 axes. The angle of work relative to the machining surface is up to 120 degrees. But the important criteria are moving along the X, Y and Z axes. The figures are 3800, 5000 and 1400 mm, respectively. As for the speed of moving for X it is 7.2 m, for Y – 4 m, for Z – 3.5 m per minute. The maximum diameter of the tool used is 130 mm. A rotation speed of it is only 12 rpm.

With a relatively small spindle power of 30 kW the machine proved itself to be an excellent device for processing any kind of stone. Especially when it comes to fine work, the tool is ideal for decorative products.

Breton Matrix 800 / 2T

centre of stone industry

Next on our list is the Breton Matrix 800 / 2T. Comparing with MAXIMA 5014the Matrix 800 model has 5 axes of interpolation. Unlike the Brembrana equipment this machine shows smaller values ​​in the parameters “moving along the axes”. Two thousand mm for X, 2500 for Y and only 800 mm for Z axis. As for the speed of movement, it is also somewhat inferior – only 4 m per minute for X and Y, and 2 m per minute for Z. The rotation angle is 105°. But they can please customers with the power of the spindle (which is 40 kW) and the capacity of the tool magazine of 30 units. The frequency of rotation, at the same time, is up to 40,000 rpm. It is an impressive indicator especially compared with the previous model. This model is most often used for processing of large-sized stone products.


RJ 1325


centre of stone industry


RJ 1325 isa high-quality tool from this China. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. The working table is a sealed bath covered with an aluminium profile and protective plastic. Linear guides and bearings provide high dynamic load-carrying capacity. Movement along the X axis is 1300 mm, Y – 2500 mm and Z – 300 mm. The maximum declared processing speed is up to 6 meters per minute. A spindle power is only 6 kW. But even despite such modest figures the rotation speed reaches 24 thousand rpm, which makes it possible to work effectively with the material.

Which model to choose – depends on the specific tasks that will face the equipment in the future. The main thing is to get acquainted with its technical characteristics and understand how effective it will be in a case.

21 March 2018