23 May 2018

Calculate the cost of bench topAn online calculator allows you to calculate accurately how much a stone bench top, island or bar counter costs. It is very important for the customer, because it allows him to plan his budget in advance. Also, the buyer saves a lot of precious time. A consultant or manager makes more mistakes when drawing up preliminary estimates for an engineered or granite bench top. The flawless program clearly surpasses man in accuracy and speed.

The calculator on our website has many other advantages. The time of using the calculator is unlimited, unlike phone calls. The user enters parameters, thinks over each or decide what would be better. The customer chooses in turn the stone kitchen bench top: models, stone collections and colours, size, bench top shape, that seem attractive.

Calculation results can be copied and saved at once in a text file for comparison. A rare manager of a store or factory will withstand such a load when the client has many questions and possible options. While e-mailing takes a lot of time.

The stone bench top estimator on our website takes into account the maximum number of factors that determine the properties of products.

What can you choose to get quote for stone bench top?

  • Configuration/shape and dimensions – what shape of the stone bench top, its length, width and thickness. L-shaped and U-shaped are very popular.
  • Holes and the edges shapes – this also affects the price of the kitchen stone bench top. Is there a sink and cooktop? Will a stone outdoor table be rectangular or with rounded corners?
  • Presence of separately standing objects. One-piece stone island cap or with cut-outs for the sink or cooktop.
  • Edge and sides – various design options.

Do not be embarrassed by high edges (40mm or 60mm edges), this does not mean that granite kitchen bench tops are manufactured from a whole piece of rock. Such a method would be too expensive. Engineered or granite slabs are firmly joined, joins are almost invisible depending on the stone colour. As a result, production costs are reduced. It is even easier to cast concrete kitchen countertops.

The calculator is good in that the parameters are set sequentially. It is impossible to forget a trifle, which is extremely important.

Stone selection

Manufacturers use a variety of stones, from the well-known in Australia Caesarstone countertops to the best European brands. In the calculator you will find a huge variety of stone colours. First you need to choose a brand, a kitchen stone which is presented in the catalogue. Then a series consisting of many collections with different prices inside them. For example, you can choose stone colour for your Caesarstone benchtop from more than 40 colours. Finally, it remains to specify a stone benchtop shape.

In the advanced calculator the most popular in the Australian market options, and quite rare are presented.

The price of a kitchen countertop is largely determined by the stone and brand used. Granite countertops are expensive. Slightly cheaper marble bench top, because marble is a relatively soft stone. Caesarstone is the most expensive brand, while Smartstone is cheaper. Popular engineered quartz bench tops contain up to 93% pure quartz, and some fastening polyester resins, come in any colour. Engineered quartz bench tops have a high resistance to wear, food colouring, and mechanical damages. Engineered quartz is a very convenient and practical stone to use and is ideal for manufacturing stone kitchen countertops.

Additional services and final counting

It is possible to perform measurements with the master’s visiting of the site. If you measure yourself, skip this option. At the request of the client, installation and replacement of kitchen bench top with removing of old ones is carried out. Installation work is better to entrust to experienced stonemasons, do not try to fulfil it yourself. Correctly designed stone bench tops are installed by our stonemasons quite simply, for a maximum of several hours.

Another important factor is the manufacturing time of the ordered stone kitchen benchtops. There are great differences in different workshops.

It remains to press the “Calculate” button, and the calculator outputs the result. To find out the cost of a stone bench top is really easy!

What to do next?

When the appropriate option is calculated, you can receive the e-mail file with calculation in the most convenient form for reading. It is worth to send this request to all relevant stone companies in your city, and compare the quotes for stone benchtop manufacturing and installation. Obviously, you will find a company that agrees with the terms and conditions, offers the shortest possible time for the stone benchtop manufacturing, and an affordable price of stone benchtop.

Then it’s time to call the manager to place an order, or leave an application on the site with personal contacts. Having at hand a calculations with a detailed description of your stone benchtop, it is easy to check whether the work of the master has been carried out correctly.

23 May 2018