01 June 2018

Kitchen bench topNowadays a huge amount material has been produced, which can be safely called universal and suitable for the manufacture of variety of structures.  For example, the most popular are quartz bench tops created on the basis of engineered quartz.

It is an engineered stone that does not have disadvantages unlike the natural component and at the same time has a lot of advantages.


Stone bench tops are 95% composed of quartz, which is recognized as the hardest material available in the world. That is why such constructions are stable to:

  • Chips and scratches
  • Strong hits
  • Cracks

Do not forget also about it flawless appearance that will joy with it’s attractiveness for a long time.  The stone cover of the island in the kitchen makes the kitchen set more practical, since it has excellent resistance to the high temperature.

This is the main competitive advantage of the engineered quartz. By the numerous of studies as well as customer reviews, it was revealed that on average the stone table is able to withstand contact with a temperature of up to 200C and you will not need to deal with color change and deformation.

Kitchen bench top

If to consider the advantages and disadvantages of such a construction as stone outer table then you can not ignore the excellent moisture resistance.  Because of that reason owners of such constructions do not experience problems in the form of regular and effective care. It’s enough just to wipe the surface with a rag soaked in water, and do not need to use abrasive substances or chemicals.


 The disadvantages of such modern and high-tech material, from which the stone cover of the island is made, are:

  • Can be transported only vertically
  • Has a natural low temperature, which can be unpleasant when it comes into the contact with it
  • The production length is no more than 3 m and if it is required to make bigger area, a seam is created;
  • Very heavy

 Variety of brands

Nowadays there are considerable amount of companies that produce such products as quartz bench tops, however there are 3 companies that highly demanded.

  1. Smart Stone is not just a production, but a team of experts of the highest category who create excellent interiors for 8 years. They independently design and manufacture stone kitchen bench tops of artificial stone in a large color palette, as well as provide services for repair and maintenance.
  2. Quantum Quartz is a brand that produces products of exceptionally excellent quality, working towards full customer satisfaction. Products are created on the basis of the highest category materials and the main area of application is kitchen sets, bar counters, reception, rungs on stairs.
  3. Caesarstone belongs to the premium class. The range of products filled with many popular and most importantly – fashionable colors. The peculiarity of this company in the use of innovative technologies, in a narrow specialization and the most important is that they use equipment only from the latest generation of technology and on sale products of excellent quality that are inaccessible to other leading brands.

The replacement of kitchen bench tops will not cause trouble when professionals come to work, but it is important to choose the product itself so that it lasts for a long time.

01 June 2018