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Professional Summary

  • Works in a timely and efficient manner
  • Motivated to get along well with others
  • Preferred use time efficiency (not to waste of time and effort)
  • Skilled Laborers with 5 years’ experience in stone processing and installation
  • Hardworking specialists who is dependable and reliable.
  • Work experience in different areas: in construction (more than 10 years), in stone processing and manufacturing (more than 5 years).
    Qualities: endurance, diligence, zeal, punctuality, purposefulness, sociability, compulsory presence of organizational and leadership qualities, responsibility, stress-resistant.


  • Tools and equipment for stone installation and processing
  • Valid driver’s license
  • ABN
  • Reliable vehicle
  • Current Public Liability Insurance
  • Permission to work in Australia unlimited.
  • Skills

  • Power and hand tools for stone processing and installation
  • Capable of heavy lifting
  • Principles of the work of tools for stone processing: CNC, sawing, edge, filler
  • Works well independently
  • Ability to read complex drawing
  • Safety procedures knowledge
  • Technology of artificial stone processing and installation
  • Professional skills

  • Set stone or marble in place, according to layout or pattern;
  • Measured and cut tile, measured spaces for installation, prepared walls and floors;
  • Shape, trim, face and cut marble or stone preparatory to setting, using power saws, cutting equipment, and hand tools;
  • Installed tile according to apartment complex blueprints and specifications using appropriate adhesives, spacers and grout;
  • Set vertical and horizontal alignment of structures, using plumb bob, gauge line, and level;
  • Management and coordination of the stone production process in compliance with all necessary requirements, production processes, quality;
  • Construct and install prefabricated masonry units;
  • Clean excess mortar or grout from surface of marble, stone, or monument, using sponge, brush, water, or acid;
  • Applied grout and sealants;
  • Drill holes in marble or composite stone and anchor brackets in holes;
  • Bench tops’ replacement with new one;
  • Smooth, polish, and bevel surfaces, using hand tools and power tools;
  • Dig trench for foundation of monument, using pick and shovel;
  • Mix mortar or grout and pour or spread mortar or grout on marble slabs, stone, or foundation;
  • Line interiors of molds with treated paper and fill molds with composition stone mixture;
  • Control of finished products from natural and artificial stones.
  • Work performed: 70 orders have been completed in Brisbane.

    The last one: Tessa, Highline Apartments 8 Bank Street West End, Subcontract with Image Cabinets Pty Ltd. (37 units completed: replacement of damaged stone bench tops with new ones, stone installation, bench top restoration). If required references could be provided.

    Language: English; Russian

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